Sunday, September 2, 2007

Booking clubs -- a true Korean experience

Korea has an interesting way of people meeting each other. Either through blind dates or booking clubs. At a booking club, men have to get a table and buy a bottle (or two) of alcohol. Women meanwhile, get in for free, but they are expected to talk to men at different tables. And by expected I mean that there are waiters or "hosts" who literally drag the women over to the table. The men buy the women a drink, if she likes you, she will stay and talk, otherwise she can leave. Two key points: 1) Women cannot be dragged off the dance floor, and 2) Women will often just get up the moment the "host" turns around to find another victim to bring to a different table. I can speak from personal experience, I have never seen girls get up so quickly after sitting down next to me. Whether this was because I am a foreigner or because I spoke about 10 words of Korean only, who knows. It was an amazing cultural experience though. What kind of screwed up place is this!??!?

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