Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hawaii of Korea

I spent a weekend down in Cheju, dubbed the Hawaii of Korea. When I visit Hawaii in May, I will be able to accurately describe whether that is true ;) It was a great weekend exploring various parts of the island with Michelle. Kevin, one of my Korean co-workers laid out a detailed itinerary for us, set up the rental car, and even where to stay. I did learn my lesson about the Korean beds though, and brought a Therm-a-rest to sleep on top of the concrete-like mattress ;) We could see the sunrise on the ocean from the hotel room, walked to several waterfalls, made pottery (mine needed A LOT of help from the woman working there). We also ate some of the main dishes there, including five-layer pork, and went to an ethnic village (and PAID way too much for some local tea).

The most interesting aspect was driving around in a rental car with GPS. I did learn the Korean words for left and right quite well (to the point of I needed to figure out how to turn the volume down!) The GPS has all of the speed traps listed, and numbers for each of the restaurants and the famous tourist spots.

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