Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saint's Day -- Samsung Holiday

Not for the reason above, but instead it the anniversary of the founding of Samsung Electronics. A group of 4 of us headed to Soraksan, which is an area famous for the fall foliage. The first night, no thanks to my co-worker Gavin, we were all up until 3 am drinking. We definitely were moving slowly the next day, but we managed a little hike, and discovered why it was less crowded that weekend (it was COLD, and the wind was insane!) But so many colors of foliage, and we made the mistake of trying to hike up to a waterfall (turned out to be a trickle).

In the evening we went to a famous town on the sea which had amazing sea food. We had red snapper sashimi (we picked the fish from the fish tank), and sea urchin roe). Finally a brief stop at a hot springs (or public bath), that was the perfect end to the day!

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