Saturday, November 17, 2007


This weekend was a little more tame (and necessary). Friday was out with Haas folks, had the most amazing array sashimi. After eating everything from sea urchin roe to slabs of super fresh fish, I was a happy camper (and thought we were done). At that point the real stuff started to come out, blowfish, lobster, the most expensive parts of a tuna, which were cut in front of us by the chef! Of course we gave the chef a couple of shots of soju, i can only imagine how his night must have been if every table did that!

Saturday was much more chill, out with a few friends, chilled out near the Sommerset (my home for the first 32 days in Seoul). I went shopping at Namdemun market, finished a bulk of christmas shopping =) They have EVERYTHING at this market, from plates, to art work. to clothes, and even plants (and a gym where you can get great massages too). It is perpetually crowded but always an interesting experience...

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