Friday, November 23, 2007

Vietnam for a long weekend (and a friend's 30th)

What a fiasco. After a week of running low on sleep, James coming in late on Monday, dinner with our client on Tuesday (and getting hammered by a cold on Tuesday morning), then packing on wednesday, it was not easy to drag myself to the airport yesterday afternoon. Getting to the airport and discovering that my ticket was for the following day didn't help. Not quite sure how that happened, but i worked it out with my travel agent (at not too much extra expense).

Strange thing in vietnam, no ATMs in the airport, so I had the taxi driver take me to an ATM (i know, i would NOT do this in other countries). But then out to a bunch of bars here, finally crashed out around 5 am. My body doesn't really knopw which way is up, but it is soooo happy to be in a warm climate! Also very cool to be with more of a certified local here, James can speak enough Vietnamese to get by, and he seems to know plenty of folks here.

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