Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sick day (sort of)

I think I learned a lesson the hard way yesterday, careful of how much garlic fried chicken you eat. As I woke up this morning around 6 am with the worst stomach ache I had in years! (Or at least since I had food poisoning in Bali in December 2006). Needless to say I was pretty much useless at work, we had interviews scheduled with the ad agency over here for half of the day, I sat curled up in a chair half listening (that and I missed the first two). I also managed to half listen to the new project announcements. It is classic, we all joke around with each other that we know exactly what project we will get placed on. And given that we have only been here 3 months, our level of choice is a little low. But hopefully some good stuff, I should know by next week what my next assignment will be, fingers crossed! My stomach is crossed too, but that won't last too much longer (or at least I hope not!)

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