Thursday, February 14, 2008

Losing a friend to the states

So it is strange to watch friends of mine from over here leave. First two of the women in our group left, which definitely makes me sad. In addition, another co-worker is transferring to the NJ office. I can understand why, but when you have a small network over here, it hurts to watch people leave who are a lot of fun and just genuinely nice people. One of the hardest ones is my friend who is a dentist over here. He is going to Harvard for 2 years to as a visiting professor, and I am truly going to miss him and his wife and their baby boy. I met with him about once a week to teach him some random English and give him pointers on Boston. Their whole family is so nice, and I realize that I would not have necessarily met him if he hadn't been going to the states, but I am definitely going to miss meeting with him!

(Add to this losing co-workers to other countries, and it is a bummer to have the number of folks I know over here decrease!)

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