Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skiing in Spain?

Yes, there is actually skiing in Spain, up north in the Pyrenees. Perhaps not as famous as the Alps, but beautiful scenery. The sun seemed to play with us on almost all of the days, so we battled between white-out conditions (ie, which direction is down?) and gorgeous blue skies.

The goal of the trip was to see my cousin ski (she is on the US ski team and ranked in the top 100 in the world!) Unfortunately she got mono late last year, and so she was at home resting. But we did get to watch Europa cup races (a course that I could not even stay in for the first 3 turns, these racers were amazing!)

Also was great family time, my nephew's 12th birthday occurred on the trip (my brother and I gave him lots of snowballs as presents, delivered at high speed of course ;) Only a few small calamities. Michelle hurt her knee on the 2nd day of skiing (total bummer!) and I shot off a 10+ foot hill trying to follow the snowmobile after her. I was able to ski afterwards, Michelle meanwhile is limping a bit, but no major damage thankfully!

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