Sunday, March 30, 2008

Action packed weekend

Saturday started out with Hot Yoga (the room is about 80-90 degrees, and the poses are easier, but you come out completely drenched in sweat after 45 minutes). At night we went out to Itaewon to see a couple of friends of mine (who are a couple), and had a great dinner and met one of their neighbors, a German guy working for GM/Daewoo, and later an Australian working for Credit Suisse. Needless to say, the foreigners are a fairly tight-knit group in Seoul and a lot of them are really interesting world travelers. We ended the night listening to Jazz at a place called Club Evans, some really good music!

Sunday it all started again with Michelle introducing me to pilates. I feel like I am learning to be a ballet dancer with some of the poses, but I am interested in trying out more pilates and varying my workouts since my injuries have not decreased as much as I would have preferred. Of course it doesn’t help with the dress shoes, or Cigna not reimbursing my medical expenses…So I am back to square one and looking into new options like Chigong and Pilates and the herb market in Seoul which I will hopefully go to the in next couple of weeks.

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