Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do not try this at the theatre

I went to Jump, one of the most popular shows started in Korea (“Cooking” is another one). Almost all of the show was silent (or noises, and not specifically Korean, so I could understand by reading the plot summary and seeing facial/body expressions). What I did not expect however was to be pulled up on stage. Seeing all of the examples of TV shows when an audience member gets brought up stage, I realized I would look pretty stupid no matter what, the goal was simply to limit the damage. It all started innocuously, “do the same thing the other guy is doing” Kick with your left foot. Okay, I can do this. Then. Then, then, then. Forward somersault to a backwards somersault and then up to a handstand and back to your feet. Right. I turned to the man who had dragged me on stage. WHAT? “Go ahead” I laughed, then raised my eyebrows. They weren’t kidding. “Here goes” Let me say that the forward somersault surprised them. The crowd was not expecting that. But apparently you need to use momentum to do the backward somersault. I got stuck, and my neck reminded me for several days that I got stuck. So much for looking somewhat coordinated. Gotta say though, my first time on stage, and I had a blast at the show.

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