Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun with China

So I just saw a t-shirt I think I need to get:

I might not want to wear this when I am in Beijing for the Olympics, but I still am very inclined to get it (and no, i have not yet eaten dog, or at least not to my knowledge). Thankfully the Koreans seem to be more dog-friendly in that sense. It is funny though, when I am asked if I want "dok," it definitely makes me wonder. The Korean pronunciation of "dog", "duck" and "dok" (korean rice treat) are all too similar. Each time they have been referring to duck though...

All of that said, China definitely makes our life interesting here in March/April and maybe part of May. Dealing with yellow dust storms, that are at least blamed on China (I have to wonder at times though, since South Korea also industrialized pretty quickly). Still, you are not supposed to exercise outdoors, have windows open, or even wear contacts on days that the yellow dust warning is high!

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