Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunny Suwon

So Suwon is where Samsung Electronics is headquartered, a 30-60 minute drive depending on traffic. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, and I relished my moments of standing outside. For the most part though, that commute and being in Suwon is a blessing and a curse for most folks in Samsung. The interesting work is done there, but the commute from Seoul isn't easy (ie I would go from being able to get up at 8 to having to be at work at 8, which means getting up closer to 6 am). The added funny bonus is that teams are called "cells" down there. I understand the biological reason for this, but the connotation might not be exactly what they want...Needless to say, I will let everyone know what cell I end up in if I transfer down there ;)

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