Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YouTube launch party

YouTube had a launch party at one of the hot clubs in Seoul on Wednesday night. One of the first times I have been a VIP at a party like this! The founder was there, unfortunately I did not get to meet him, but Michelle apparently talked to him for a while in Chinese! Add to that, I recognized a Haas 2006 graduate, who happened to be here from Beijing, what are the odds?

Unfortunately they ran out of beer too quickly, so it was either Jaegermeister shots, or water. I decided against the water, twice...We may have been photographed by the local media, clowning around outside the party "oh my god, is that Jeremy?!?" One of my co-workers was pretending to be famous, and when Michelle ran up to get a picture with him, we saw some professional photographers also taking pictures.

Needless to say, it was a great Wednesday night, and Michelle managed to make the most of the time difference and celebrate her birthday two days in a row!

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