Saturday, June 21, 2008

I could have walked home faster

Last night sucked. Or at least the end of it did, and for one reason. Cab drivers in Korea are %#$%$ (or at least most of them late at night in high-traffic areas). This is probably the only place in the world where I have encountered cab drivers who will not take fares (ie too short of a ride). I would say that it is because I am a foreigner, but that isn't it. On the foreigner side however, I did have more cab drivers try and rip me off last night though ("sure, we'll take you there for $20" when i know it is about a $5 cab ride). After slamming a few cab doors and wandering for an hour, I finally got a cab (note: i had made the decision to walk home, but I kept asking people which direction was south, and i got 2-3 different directions).

Add to that I definitely hadn't drunk enough water and felt a little hungover this morning, doh! But the rest of the night was good, fried food, plenty of beer, and lots of karaoke (or norebang). Good times with everyone (including three of the interns).

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