Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mud festival

Words can only do so much to describe this experience. They cart in mud and the whole day is spent finding ways to get it on and off. I think there may be health benefits, but for the most part we were just dirty. Very dirty. And I felt like I was back in high school. A 3 hour bus ride to go to this town (on the seashore), and we started out slow. Lunch. One of the co-workers unfortunately decided this was a good time to start with soju and beer (11 am mind you). It went downhill rapidly. We went from there to the mud pit, and then down the mudslide. And all of the while, we had several groups of co-workers, some trying to meet girls, and one who was just trying to give everyone a hug (especially those not covered in mud). I have never seen people run so fast. Meanwhile the soju kept flowing, and we had a few moments that were not highlights. But all of the interns that we took on this trip said it was one of the most fun experiences they had so far (definitely more entertaining than the temple stay with buddhist monks apparently). And I think they also made it on to Korean TV!

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