Monday, July 21, 2008

A weekend of rain

Finally the weekend arrived and I had it pretty open to spend most of the time with my aunt. And wouldn't you know it, it rained almost the whole weekend! Apparently something related to a monsoon in Taiwan, but all I know is that walking around Seoul was not quite the same (pouring rain and very, very muggy!) But we made the most of it, going around Namdemun market (she bought pottery), brunch in Itaewon with friends (and later shopping for some Korean furniture which she bought), wandering around Samcheon-dong and Insadong (and of course running into random friends all along the way). A great weekend, even if not fully intentional. The one funny story to relate? Apparently a friend was up in Namsan tower (which overlooks most of Seoul) with a friend of her's, and the weather changed, and it was just amazingly gorgeous. Without a camera, her friend ran to buy a disposable, and brought it back just in time to see the weather change again...sigh.

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