Saturday, August 9, 2008

Change agent

Ask not how much you can change your company, but how much your company can change you. Yup, this spoken by some true believers in how much Samsung has changed for them. It ain't easy changing a 200,000 person company, and Korean society makes the whole situation that much more unique. I will say though, English apparently is a tough language, as referenced by these lines today: "I hope some day we can walk hand in hand, as true friends, more than co-workers" That might have been okay as a pick-up line, but unfortunately it wasn't (ie this was spoken by a male). SLIGHT cultural differences. They change us, just a question of how much. Perhaps not to the hand-holding level though...

Try this one on for size: A Korean-American woman would rather be treated as an American than a Korean. (and choose to speak to others in English). Why? Because while foreigners may struggle and not be let in, they still can be treated better than a Korean woman in the workplace.

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