Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy traffic

In general traffic has gotten worse over the past few months (and the bus lane is still not "in effect" yet, literally a 6 month trial before they actually penalize people, wtf?!? BUT two days in row of the worst traffic I had experienced in Seoul. We had a 3 day weekend (Korean Thanksgiving), and the Thursday before it started (ie most people were still working on Friday), it took about 2 hours to get home (a full hour more than usual. This did not help us as we were trying to get to a friend's bachelor dinner. (That night turned out later than ideal, as I left at midnight, thankfully. Everyone else looked terrible the next day at work, absolutely terrible!) The following day did me no favors as the bus to get to Suwon never showed up, and I spend too much time transferring between trains and taxis to get down to Suwon. Another 2 hours I would love to get back. Sigh.

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