Monday, October 6, 2008

International Film festival in Busan

Last weekend I went to the film festival in Busan, with movies from all over the world. Super thanks to my friend Sunghee who set it up for all of us (there were six of us in total). I watched 4 movies, one about "selling out" while working for a large conglomerate in Malaysia (no comments about any parallels), a movie about Japanese Comfort women, a British comedy, and a great Finnish drama. It was a busy 3 days in terms of movies, but we also got to explore Busan. There is a great temple by the sea, and a famous fish market (had some great raw fish). We also wandered around the beach, saw a bunch of Korean movie stars (I had NO idea who they were, but it was cool none the less to hear reactions from people).

At the film festival I heard a word that I apparently should have learned on my SATs: avuncular. This was used by a Korean translator. Given that I am sure they know more Korean than I do, that means that they can speak both languages better than me. Sad state of a affairs. I need to improve my English (probably more likely than improving my Korean).

Finally, the most fun was wearing my t-shirt that says "Foreigner" in Korean. I got more giggles, looks, and even one request for a photo. What can I say? It was too much fun, and I had a smirk on most of the day.

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