Sunday, January 18, 2009

A bike ride (i am crazy, and likely sick now)

My weekends have been spent trying to accomplish a lot (and succeeding in about a quarter of what I set out to do). I saw an art show that one of my colleagues from GSG curated). The other weekend though I was set on going to the museum, and unfortunately I allowed myself to be sucked into some terrible TV shows. When I emerged from Cocoon Maclaurin at 4:30 pm, I realized it was surprisingly warm (aka the 40s likely). Time for a bike ride. Yes I am certifiably insane, but it was so nice to be working out outside! I may likely pay for that by being sick, but I enjoyed at least the first 30-40 minutes of the ride!

In general I am much lazier on the weekends, I wonder if I can blame this the daily commute to Suwon? I did go "bar hopping" with my friend's Tom and Claire (one of her good friends was in town) and we made it to a bar that played some old-school music videos (Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train", Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire"). It was great you pick a song that you haven't heard in ages, and you request it. They have a surprisingly good selection!

I have been bouncing far too much between Seoul and Suwon recently. Meetings in the middle of the day, dentist appointments, and conference calls at 8 pm...It has been busy from that perspective, but it was nice to have drinks with my team on Wednesday. Our kick-off dinner for the new project consisted of Quizznos for dinner, an 8 pm conference call, and then a bunch of beers afterwards. Very nice, and the level of tame that was necessary! (you have to be careful of the team dinners in Korea!)

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