Saturday, January 24, 2009

Next stop: Luang Prabang

We opened with a bang in Laos. No one had bothered to actually print out the hotel name or address (oops). After a few miscues and "discussions" with the cab driver, we arrived at our hotel. It turned out to be next to two of the best bars in town (although the town takes about 20-30 minutes to walk across the main areas, so nothing was much more than a stone's throw away. Dinner included some great local food (water buffalo), and a bottle of absinthe (not a great idea). Gavin very quickly earned the reputation of instigating without typically finishing his drinks (the vodka shots a couple of days later was another example of this).

The next stop: bowling? Yes, I was in shock for a while about the idea of bowling in Laos, add to that the alcohol/fatigue/etc and I reached new levels of productivity in my game (66? I hadn't scored that low since Candlepin, and for those of you that know what that means, you will understand…Candlepin actually happened to be one of the few activities at night in Peterborough growing up, but that is another story).

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