Friday, June 26, 2009

Facebook means birthdays cannot be hidden

So the trickles started early with 1-2 people wishing me a happy birthday. It is nice to get the attention of course, although I can definitely blame the Facebook wall for that ;) Funny though that no one on the teams knew about it. So at 4:30 pm I casually mentioned it to a co-worker, saying "I wonder if I should cause trouble for my team by telling them it is my birthday ;) He went into overdrive (which was amusing, since he had forgotten his jeans at home and was wearing gym pants (and therefore couldn't leave his desk. After an hour long conference call, I had an ice cream cake and a whole group of people to celebrate with. It was really great, although it was tough since when I gave my "speech" I had to tell the team that I am returning to my old group =( I like this team, and I have enjoyed the year + that I have been here!

I went out that night with some friends, we ended up taking over a local bar in the Karosookil area. Even out was my friend Han (who has a 9 month old baby, he was crazier than I was though, staying up until the sunrise...It ended up biting him however, since he arrived home to his wife handing him the baby. You want to try and take care of a baby after pulling an all-nighter? ;) He somehow managed a game of basketball with us in the afternoon, but Sunday was not so good a day for him...I had an awkward moment on Friday night when I saw someone I knew, and put my hand on their shoulder, only to realize it was NOT someone I knew. (This is the 2nd time this has happened, and it is amazingly awkward when they turn around).

On Saturday I had a few friends over (all in time to discover that the air conditioner in my living room no longer works! Update: apparently I did not open the window in my laundy room where the venting unit is, another of my "not so smart" moves this weekend) In came the second birthday cake (although it was amusing when I was giving directions, and the person on the other end thought they were talking with someone else "okay, i understand where the apartment is, can you come out since i have a cake for him?" "umm, do you realize who you are talking to?" an audible "shit" from the other end of the phone. ;)

The weekend was great, but I will say, 3 am both weekend nights = exhausted. My body doesn't recover well from that!

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