Monday, July 6, 2009

Michelle's final trip to Korea

At least for now, since we know I am headed back in less than 2 months! She definitely had a great time, we went to a former colleagues wedding (he is in Brazil now, but married a Korean, in Seoul with a traditional Korean ceremony). The ceremony looked amazing, although poor guy was dying since the costumes seemed to be made for winter-time, and it was anything but!

On the Friday Michelle came we went shopping (I took the day off), and we found a dress for her, bought more shirts/glasses/etc for me. We won another stuffed animal at the shooting game (I SWEAR though that they made the targets harder, since we barely won!)

Michelle had her moments of being a prankster, running down the hall and jumping near the neighbor's door to make the dog bark (I think the neighbors may have moved, since there wasn't any noise...Maybe from her behavior in the past ;)

Finally on Saturday evening I went to another wedding with colleagues (Michelle was exhausted). It marked one more in a line of weddings this summer, which is crazy!

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