Saturday, July 4, 2009

Organizational Behavior

It has slowly started to dawn on me how the hierarchy really works here. Anyone who is not a VP cannot make a decision here even for the smallest thing like a vacation day (which amazes me sometimes still). At times you realize that it literally is like the army, no private will decide anything (likely not even when they can pee ;)
A meeting with the client, who has coffee with the one team member who did not join our kickoff meeting (also being the most senior person). but still, wouldn't information from our initial discussion have been important? (i ask this knowing that in korea it is not what you think they need, it is what they say they want). anything else may get you in trouble (even if it is legitimately what they need ;)

but the issue with not being a strong english speaker always amazes me. If you are head of an international division (or even manager level or higher in an international marketing group for example), shouldn't you speak English well?

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