Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is a new low

So I think one of the balances when you know you are leaving to try and find a balance between knowing that the company has little invested in you, and the hope that they will treat you well. I remember struggling with this before (for example, do you give someone a promotion on their way out if they are going to school, since it is little skin off your back, and it can create a lot of goodwill?)

I have perhaps fewer illusions in a Korean company, partially due to bigger difficulties in negotiations (and how often the excuse is used: "company policy" Now what is funny is that "company policy" is often selectively enforced, and often a local knows how to get around these policies, but I digress...) But the latest one I heard (thankfully not to me), was when a friend was dealing with an issue, and when something needed to be done (or should have been done), the response was "I don't want to stress out my baby" Wow. I am waiting to hear some priceless lines on my side. (Some of this stuff is so good you wish you had a video camera).

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