Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kilts: the day i lost faith in dry cleaning

So my kilt got a bit of wearing a couple of weekends ago, and i decided maybe i should dry clean it (out of fear of moths that lost me at least one sweater and a jacket). The places in Chatham were going to charge me $15 and then $18.75 for dry cleaning a skirt. After coming from Korea, where EVERYTHING cost $3, I wasn't sitting well with either of these prices, especially after I looked inside the kilt and it is machine washable. Now I like that shirts cost less than $2 to launder and starch, but seriously, the mark-up on the actual dry cleaning is sick (although given that neither places had a grasp on English very well, they knew the fundamentals of business...Just won't be a business I will regularly be going to...) I digress, and happy to launder my kilt at home so i can have plenty more wearings!!

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