Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back in Korea (again)

Yes, it was time for my 3rd trip to Korea in the last year. Hard to believe that it has been nearly 3 years since I left! Notable changes from my last visit - the Hooters next to my old apartment is gone :( Thankfully my favorite glasses store is still around (although I was not able to fix anything this go-around since he was on vacation - for 3 weeks!) This trip was busy with work, 4 days in Korea, and 2 days on a plane. Managed to watch 4.5 movies on the way out, and 2 on the way back. Cowboys and Aliens, truly as bad as I expected...Ghost Rider 2 was better, which says something... One of my favorite moments in Korea this time. A phrase from one of the folks in Korea for a new post-sales service: Happy Call Service. That might improve loyalty, but it might not be legal ;)

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