Sunday, January 27, 2008

I feel like Epimetheus

So yesterday was full of errands (including being about 20 minutes late to physical therapy (learned this doesn't go over well as it cut into their lunch time, which is a calm and relaxing time for me. Won't be scheduling a noon appointment again!) So I bought a cell phone for my guests, and after all of this time negotiating, i realized that I wanted a different cell phone. For anyone who doesn't know the story of Epimetheus, he was someone who always realized things in hindsight (he opened Pandora's box as well, but the analogy does not go that far). I realized i wanted a more Korean cell phone (ironically made by a competitor), since if I have guests coming, I would prefer for them to have an amusing one instead. Still working on configuring it with an avatar, but the English menus are not always the easiest to figure out!

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