Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stay away from the Hos (bars that is)

Saturday involved heading to the college area of Seoul, Hongdae. Dinner with a couple of friends, and the group slowly increased until we finally decided we needed to go out to a bar. We checked out Ho Bar IV (full), and Ho Bar II (only open table was next to the speaker). We sat down at Ho Bar II, were quickly told to take the jacket one friend had put on the speaker, and then quickly retreated from the bar when they started playing hard rock. I would like to keep my eardrums thank you!

Then the group went to another random place (partially to get out of the cold), and they asked how many people, I responded in korean, THAT got a reaction let me tell you! Someone had the "brilliant" idea of a whiskey shot, that didn't go over well with most of the group...Then off to another place that had about 4 people in it total (we doubt it will be around long), but we had fun drinking beers, and playing with the drums they had there. Crashed out at 4 am?!?!? I told everyone it would be a chill night, and i guess it was, but a little too long!!!

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