Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hangover Soup at work

Busy day, meetings in two different locations (first one 1 hour away from Seoul, and then the 2nd one across the city, with two different clients). Good stuff, but then to have an hour of Korean class after all of that. Add to that, it being brutally cold (ears practically falling off this morning). Dinner with a friend, trying to learn more Korean, which helped definitely. The highlight of the day though was the menu at lunch for Suwon. Spicy beef hangover soup (this is a company cafeteria), and Bean Curd Residue Stew. Classic, wish I had a camera, but those are not allowed in the company due to any concerns about information (potentially confidential) getting out. It means that even my iPod needs to be taped up in case i walk out with documents on my shuffle...)

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