Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bus of Seoul

What a trip. Took the Seoul Bus out skiing yesterday with my friend Tony yesterday. On the way, the bus had rainbow colored lights, and on the way back, some of the best curtains from the 70s. The actual organizer of the trip, Gavin, got a last-minute ear infection, so we got on the bus without knowing too many details, including how to exactly get to the place we were staying. We made sure to send Gavin several texts, reminding him how we were doing. The texts were not appreciated.

Skiing reminded me of my childhood days (ie slopes that were listed as advanced and expert, but in reality would barely be intermediate at a big resort in Europe or out west in the states). Ski patrol all over the trail (I probably got whistled at a few times for skiing too fast, but...) Stayed at a Korean hostel, and managed to find some trails without too many crowds (the last trail down was chaos though, dodging people left and right!) And most random of all, we ran into a group of Thai people chilling out there last night. I still don't get why they would come to Korea to go skiing (or the woman we met from Swaziland for that matter I suppose). Another cultural experience though, that is for sure!

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