Saturday, January 12, 2008

Memories of 1,000 corn dogs

I have been having a discussion with a friend of mine over here involving the vast amounts of chicken in my apartment. I needed a bit of food for a few folks coming over to my apartment. She was given the unfortunate role of helping me (because she speaks fluent Korean). Apparently the amount of chicken needed was enough to feed 10 people for a week. Okay perhaps an exaggeration, but still I could easily eat chicken for the next 10 days. It reminded me of National Corn Dog day last year, and business school classmates asking for enough corn dogs for 60 people (which was a high estimate). 1,000 corn dogs arrived a few days later...Thankfully I just have 10 extra boxes off fried and bbq chicken (ie it fits into my refrigerator, unlike the vast numbers of corn dogs.)

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