Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ice sculptures and winter festival

The last day of my vacation in Japan was spent at the winter festival in Sapporo. I spent almost the whole day with my host family from 1997. In typical Japanese style, they brought me gifts (which was unfortunate given that I had brought them gifts as a slight gesture of everything they had given me in 1997! They one-upped me! It was wonderful to see my mom and host brother though, we wandered around the snow sculptures (there were two full avenues full of them, ranging from the swans to the pyramids of Egypt). We went up a tower in Sapporo, and talked about life in general and some of the differences between the cultures. The kicker is that my host mother had been to Korea about 5-6 times and spoke better Korean than I did! My Japanese came back in floods though. It was still not much better than an elementary school student, but that was the only language which we could really communicate in, so I did my best!

Night-time was my first meal to test my stomach (after all, I wasn't going to let a stomach flu or the likes actually ruin my vacation!) We had all you can eat crab (king crab, hairy crab and snow crab). Fantastic, and then after dinner I wandered around Sapporo at night (the statues were light up and looked amazing!)

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