Friday, February 8, 2008

Niseko (the other side)

i have a BIG stomach bug, and so struggled thru 2.5 hours last night in the bathroom and skiing. it is either something like the flu, or a massive case of dehydration. No idea what, but had a great time with the captain of the rowing team from my time in japan, he happened to be up here with his company, i was like a little toy, they were very impressed with my japanese, people over here are sooo nice! I do miss that part of japan!

Funny moment in the elevator, we were 9 people in a small elevator, and on the 2nd floor an older man (like 50s) and a woman are there. when the door shuts (there isn:t space), the japanese guys smirk and start talking. i asked taka later what they said, and i was pretty sure i knew. *when you get to be older I guess you don:t have to take teh stairs* too true, i had just been thinking, you lazy...

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