Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Learn to Be Nice to Your Wife, or Pay the Price

This isn't Korea, but I can almost guarantee you that many of the challenges are the same...Fanscinating stuff about societies changing. In Korea, the divorce rate may be low, but it is growing at the fastest rate in the world, partially because of issues similar to what is mentioned in the article...

Learn to Be Nice to Your Wife, or Pay the Price
By Blaine Harden
FUKUOKA, Japan -- Salarymen -- the black-suited corporate warriors who work long hours, spend long evenings drinking with cronies and stumble home late to long-suffering wives -- have danger waiting for them as they near retirement.

Divorce. A change in Japanese law this year allows a wife who is filing for divorce to claim as much as half her husband's company pension. When the new law went into effect in April, divorce filings across Japan spiked 6.1 percent. Many more split-ups are in the pipeline, marriage counselors predict. They say wives -- hearts gone cold after decades of marital neglect -- are using calculators to ponder pension tables, the new law and the big D.

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