Sunday, June 1, 2008

That was a more expensive game than intended

Last night a group of us went to a World Cup qualifying match, Korea versus Jordan. It was a great game for about 70 minutes, and the last 10 minutes turned into a big disappointment. After being up 2-0 (in your own stadium), Korea let Jordan tie the match, and we all left feeling slightly deflated. In addition, I went to take a picture, and noticed that during the course of the game, my LCD on my camera had cracked. As my friend put it, you can drop the camera, and it is okay BUT you tap it in the wrong way (or you roll over on it while sleeping in a tent...)

So all of the money saved on the super cheap beers (only $3 for a biggie cup). It does make it a lot easier to take the family when all of the food costs are super low...

So I debated at night, like any boy in an electronics store, "hmm, I could use this as an excuse to get a new toy (they have waterproof cameras up to 10 meters from Olympus...)"

At the same point though, I know that camera phones are getting much better, and I was just trying to ride this one out, doh! Needless to say, I decided to try and take the high route, use this as an adventure to try and get it fixed (in Korea!) or even better, to try and buy a new LCD and fix it myself. We'll see how dumb a decision that ends up being...

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