Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic fever

Apparently one of the Olympic fencer from Korea was kicked out of the training center earlier this year because she had eye surgery (to make her eyes more round…this is a very common procedure here). Bet that didn't turn out so well when she then won silver in the Olympics. More press for stupid rules...

The other day there was plenty of clapping in the office after the Korean swimmer came in 2nd to Phelps (work productivity?). Apparently at the ad agency there was also a 2nd round of clapping when Phelps took off the top of his swimsuit.

There is a good story for the Onion here. South Korean edges North Korean for 50m pistol gold in the Olympics. This is a especially "funny" when you consider the incident of a North Korean soldier killing a South Korean tourist a few months ago (while she was up north climbing a famous mountain).

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