Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer, with a vengeance

It is hot. I mean really hot here. A 100 meter walk over here seems brutal and you are sweating just to get to the dining hall during lunch time! Speaking of lunch, what cracks me up about lunch here is the receiving line. In fact the whole lunch experience is interesting. First off each business has a different lunch time (ie this place CLEARS out at 11:30 to get lunch) so as to not overcrowd the cafeteria. After choosing between your three options (typically one is western), you put away your tray. Then you walk out and do three things, drink a cup of water (they don't drink water during lunch, that would be weird), use a toothpick in front of the mirror, and take a napkin from the dispenser on the wall. And of course when you get back you have to brush your teeth (you would too if you had as much garlic for lunch as most Korean dishes do!)

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