Monday, September 1, 2008

First year anniversary

Yup, I have been in Korea for a year officially now. And as the new hires (aka 1st years) come on board) we are looked to for advice. Apparently we are wiser. Very strange, I don't feel any more mature or knowledgeable ;) We apparently are not in any better shape as we lost in soccer to them in a shootout. But almost all of us were exhausted after the first 10 minutes, so it wasn't exactly the highest quality of play...

Friday a group of the recent hires came out to our colleague's "see you soon" drinks. (He is moving to LA for a 6 month project). This was combined with the birthday party of one of the new hires, and they created quite a flaming concoction, stacked high 4 levels and ended up with a large glass with a significant amount of 151. And he was unwise enough to respond to "one shot!" and downed it. He wasn't quite the same for the rest of the night...It was entertaining to go out with them on Friday night. Stayed out until 2 am, was about the latest I had been out in ages (yes I am an old man). It was nice to let loose, party a bit, and see the new hires meet all sorts of new people.

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