Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long weekend

Korean thanksgiving was a great little break from the craziness in Seoul. The roads were practically empty, and driving time in taxis was at least half of it usually is! The funny thing, I spent a bunch of time cleaning my apartment (the cleaning lady had not shown up in 6 weeks, and I have given up). The VERY next day, she came and cleaned the apartment. I give up.

I went out on Friday night to Hongdae, and some of the craziest connections. One of my friend's friend was at a live music club, and we met up with him there (I was coming with about 10 friends of mine from GSG.) Who do I happen to see there, but a friend of a different friend, named Asia (yes, an Asian girl named Asia, no further comments). Total small world experience, I could barely believe it! I ended up calling the night around 4 am, my body just doesn't recover in the way it used to, especially with the commute to Suwon starting so early in the morning!

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