Monday, September 22, 2008

A whirlwind trip to DC for a friend's wedding

I made a way too fast trip to DC for a colleague's wedding. It included two of the worst airline experiences I had encountered in years (reminding me that international flights just get better service, and that I now hate United). I learned the hard way to never choose an exit row on United if it is the first row of seats, ie in seats that do not recline and having the added insult of being next to someone with terrible elbow etiquette (aka woke me up less than 1 hour into my sleep on the red eye). The trip back was a mere 3 hours delayed.

All of the travel issues aside, the trip was great. I saw Michelle's place in NJ for the first time, and we spent a day relaxing, going apple picking, and doing a bit of shopping. They had some of the best little chocolate creations near the mall in her town (little donkeys and elephants, very well designed!)

Then it was off to DC for less than 24 hours for the wedding. We debated for a while which side of the church we should sit on. It is my colleague, but Michelle has hung out with his wife a lot, and I like both of them equally. We did have some crazy small world experiences though, someone Michelle went to college with (they were in the same chemistry class) was a bridesmaid. And one of my business school classmates is the cousin of the groom (I knew this before we arrived, but boy was she surprised to see me at the wedding!)

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