Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 weeks of recruiting in the US

For some reason (I am sure it was a good one, or that is what I will believe), I was chosen to do 2 weeks of recruiting in the US for new candidates. It was great to be back in that environment (although I did get tired of seeing the same two presentation concepts after more than 60 interviews!) We had fantastic food though, dim sum, tapas, fusion, etc. I saw friends in most cities, managed work back in Korea, and crashed out pretty exhausted each night.

The final day was great, I went to >play, a digital media conference at Berkeley. It was great to run into a number of old friends, and to hear about some new trends. Perhaps most amusing was hearing a VC talk about Samsung's mobile phone business going away in 3-4 years. When I went up to him afterwards he said "well, maybe I was a little harsh…"

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