Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun with reimbursement

So I have two outstanding reimbursement items that I need to work out. The first was a cab ride from London. The receipt said, "minimum tax of 2 pounds", but the "total" came out to 11.25, which was 1.25 pounds in tax. Needless to say, the credit card charge was for 12.00, and Samsung wouldn't let that one by. So now, about 6 months later I get another flag in my email from the finance department. 6 months!??! The senior manager in the group said he would give me $25 in order to have people not work on this for me. The finance department really makes things easy as you can see (like needing apparently 3-4 levels of approval to get "overtime" pay, which is a problem when your department is judged based on how much overtime you have worked…Since obviously time in the office will make you a better marketer…)

Okay off that soap-box and on to another one. On the recruiting trip I was not allowed to use my "personal" Samsung credit card, I had to use my "Corporate" one (which believe it or not, has a MUCH smaller limit, I went over budget halfway through the trip). This doesn't happen with Electronics, only with my official company (the Professional Males…this is an old reference, I won't bother explaining). I booked my hotel on, and therefore had no "official" hotel receipt. Needless to say, a call to the hotel (not helpful, they in general were rude, surprising of a Westin), and then my credit card will hopefully have solved all of this!...WOW is all I can say in the end…

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