Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday cheer

Seeing Christmas lights up everywhere, we had Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's place (the food was amazing, including a turkey, pumpkin pie – the works!) Then I went to "8 Reindeer Monologues" a hysterical play that discusses whether or not Santa has actually been a good person or not. A riot.

The weekend included poker with friends as well, always a tough one, I had several bad hands but ended up doing well in the end. I always feel a touch guilty about taking someone's money (ie ending the game early for one person). It was a lot of fun though, minus the surprise phone call from Germany at 9:30 pm about our marketing plan. (A European calling late on a Friday night?!?! Or at least I would have thought he realized what time it was for me based on my previous email, but details…)

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