Friday, December 19, 2008

Plane crashes

I think that I chose the absolute worst day of the year to travel back from Korea. I felt very lucky to have an open seat next to me on the 12 hour flight. What wasn't so lucky was my choice of books. I was reading Malcolm Gladwell's latest book, "Outliers" which happened to have a chapter on Korean Airlines plane crashes about 10 years ago. NOT helpful to my peace of mind as I was flying Korean Airlines! The landing then didn't help, as the first time the pilot had to pull up at the last minute due to turbulence. The Incredible Hulk might as well have been shaking our plane like a rag doll – at one point at least half of the plane screamed. A kid the row up from me lost his lunch, and one of my friends told me afterwards that it was the first time she had ever lost her lunch on a flight. A random side note, the airsickness bags on the flight were not that easy to use (you have to tear off the top, isn't the point to have this as easily accessible as possible?!?). After getting my bag ready, I spent the time breathing deeply and praying. Finally on the 3rd attempt we managed to land, and I can say I never applauded so hard for anything. Easily the worst conditions I had EVER landed in, and it took me 20 minutes to feel moderately normal and back on solid ground!

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