Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow storm versus rain versus ice…can't win!

The weather led to a large number of adventures, the first which I only saw the aftereffects of. There was a crazy ice storm in the middle of December that left my parents without power for 12 days! (I only encountered 2 days of that, and thankfully my father had brought up two generators, so we had "lights" wired by extension cords). The sheer number of poles down was unbelievable, trees in fragments, and utility workers from as far as Canada and South Carolina!

The next portion was the snow storm, which I was able to "enjoy" on my plane flight from Korea. It returned on the Sunday we were supposed to drive up to Boston for a family gathering. I say supposed to since we were stuck in Connecticut since the plows had done a less than competent job the previous night. We couldn't make it out of the driveway! We made the most of it by walking to Costco and watching movies. Frustrating, but at least we had power ;)

Finally mother nature confirmed to have it in for us by dumping plenty of days of rain on us, ensuring that the skiing would be solid ice. It was nice to still have a white Christmas though!

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