Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis the season for work events/dinners

4 days in a row of eating/drinking for work...memories of my Ogilvy days...Two with businesses we are working with (ie Americans, plus one British guy, we liked him as well). One night was our team's dinner, and I was told that apparently I need to smile more (or ensure that my team has more fun). Yes, I am too serious, and and this is even more true after a Monday morning. God, I could use warmer weather ;)

Friday was the GSG holiday party, which my parents joined (and drew the name out of a hat for one of the prizes. I was told that since they didn't pick me, they obviously didn't love me ;) We had auctions, which included significant overbidding – thankfully there was no extra vacation day to bankrupt me this year ;) The theme was the 70s, and I pulled out my Halloween costume (Anchorman) from 2 years ago. Great time, and some very impressive creativity – one person could have been in the Royal Tannenbaums (Owen Wilson's character). We came in second for trivia, not bad given that my parents acknowledged early on that they would be no help.

Saturday we had a Harvard dinner at a great Italian place. It included an adorable 2 year old (apparently the most difficult of the bunch, so he was sent to Korea with his dad), a Yankee swap, and great food. Apparently it was mainly couples on a Saturday (when the events are on a weeknights you have more singles, but fewer parents/couples). All told it was great to meet some new people and keep my parents entertained (it was impressive, they stayed up late and had a great time, even though I kept them out with friends until 10 pm on several nights! In the US I have learned to not call them after 9:30 pm unless I want to hear a groggy voice. Must have been jet lag ;)

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