Sunday, December 7, 2008

Touring my parents around

I had the weekend to show my parents around Seoul (this also ensured that I left the GSG holiday party after Round 1, instead of Round 2 or 3 (which would have been closer to 2 am I think). I showed them my favorite spots, from coffee shops, to furniture stores (they proceeded to buy up half of Seoul, including a set of doors weighing likely over 100 lbs, and will not go back to the US until I move back) We met up with friends for lunch and dinner on Sunday, took them to Dr Fish (my dad lasted 2 minutes, my mom put both arms and legs in to maximize her experience). On Sunday it was significantly colder, and I made as many stops into stores and also into coffee shops to keep us all warm. I don't mind the cold, but a significant oversight to not have brought my hat! Ah well, it is winter time, and Seoul is no San Francisco…It will definitely better prepare me for New Hampshire though (and my bedroom, the igloo ;) My parents were doing their best over here by opening the window each night though. Even with my heat almost off, they still wanted it colder…Amazing.

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