Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Biblical weather conditions

There might as well be Niagara Falls over Seoul right now. The rain pouring down is amazing, just buckets of rain in addition to all of the wind, and the rain is practically pouring sideways (needless to say, not the best day to wear light colored pants!) Or to go to the acupuncturist for that matter! I also have learned where puddles form best in my apartment, one by an open window, and one by a closed window (huh?) Anyway, the weather is most certainly not dull now!

A quote I heard today (and wrinkles). "More lines than Grand Central" I like that one =) On a similar note, found a gray hair today, not overly wild about that. I wonder if Korea is similar to being the president (spend 4 years here and your hair will turn gray?) I am only partially kidding ;)

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