Sunday, July 12, 2009

A weekend of missed times

So a busy weekend, but one where I definitely had hoped to get more accomplished! I went out on Friday night for a bike ride, feeling the need to clear my head from all of the craziness. Now keep in mind I had hoped to purchase a new spare tube about 5 days ago for my bike, but things kept getting in the way. A good 4-5 km away from my house I went over a sharp corner and felt the back tire end up not quite right. Seriously? NOT tonight...Yup, I walked back the whole way in a pair of biking shoes (I took them off for a point in time to go easy on my shins, at the expense of other parts of my legs of course...) So that was an ominous start. Then out to meet friends for drinks, we ended up as a group singing karaoke until 2 am. Somewhere around 1:30 with 4 dudes (we were all that was left), we wondered if this was perhaps not quite right...

The next day I decided to be lazy and sleep in (quite enjoyed that). Of course it meant that I could not make it to acupuncture until quite late, meaning that a hike or most other day activities were shot. I did pick up sunglasses, my suits, and multiple other things, but errands are not always to be classified as "fun" I am happy with my suits and shirts though! They look great at least! Basketball with friends happened to be rained out (and the two of us that were there didn't have a basketball...oops).

That night was out to meet a friend, we had Italian, awkwardly enough what was sort of a romantic place (not cool for two friends from business school). But it was a good sign when the owner got on the phone to give me directions, and I heard an Italian accent. You know the food has to be decent then! Ended up after in Hongdae, with friends of Richard's. But you know when the people you meet are focused on "getting lucky"? Needless to say it wasn't exactly the scene I was looking for. Especially not when I tried to leave the bouncer seemed intent on making me "stay behind the line" as I was asking him where the exit was. Finally when I was behind the line the absolute asshole listened to me. It turned out to be over the line and right behind him. Seriously, if you are a bouncer, listen before judging. It takes 2 seconds. And all I know is that I won't be recommending that club after that...(It is above M2 in Hongdae ;)

I did not join a group down in Busan for the weekend, much as I would have enjoyed that. This was under the expectation of seeing a friend's football match, which unfortunately happened to be rained out. (As I said, a few misdecisions over the weekend!) But I did manage to finally clean my bike, and then brilliantly enough, go out for a ride (and get it totally dirty again as the stream by Yangjae was very flooded, so much so that after 1 kilometer I decided to ride along the road. It was quite impressive to see however, almost a class 3 rapids!

What did I learn out of the weekend? No idea. I am trying to make the most of my limited weekends (especially in the summertime, and given that I don't know how much time I will have left). I did find a store called "Joo Money" however. I NEED a picture =)

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